Monday, May 11, 2009

saami holy hand grenades

Which Frequencies To Employ, There is a Listing At:

The infamous frequency that Don Croft recommends for preventing black magicians, government PSI agencies, and stand-alone ‘remote viewers’ from seeing you is a 15 Hz ‘square wave’: which is the harmonic of the year 2012. And, bearing this in mind you will plainly see that any life-form that is destined NOT to make it as far as Earth’s transition into 5D is NOT going to like a frequency that equates to the ‘New Age’ when it is ‘fired’ at them NOW. In-fact, you might say that firing a 15 Hz ‘square wave’ frequency at someone [or indeed something] who acts evily will REMOVE them from your ‘reality-structure’, in much the same may as they will surely be removed on a permanent basis around-about 2012

Alpha 7.0 Hz ~ To Enhance ESP [Extra Sensory Projection], & IntuitionAlpha 12.0 Hz ~ For Cantering Yourself And Balance, & Greater HarmonyTheta 3.5 HZ ~ For Super Learning, Especially Of Languages, & RetentionTheta 6.3 Hz ~ For Super Learning, To Boost Memory, & Mental ConfidenceBeta 14.1 Hz ~ For Efficiency In Daily Activities: Emotional, Mental, & Physical4.9 Hz ~ Induce relaxation, meditation & deeper sleep528 Hz ~ Mend DNA and strengthens the cell wall to boost immunity [Dr Rife]441 Hz ~ The King's Chamber Frequency, clears a chaotic room [Dr Rife]30 KHz [square wave] ~ cures AIDS, if you change your life-style t00

Base Chakra = 'Middle C'= 261.63 Hz
Spleen Chakra = 'D'= 293.66 Hz
Solar Plexus Chakra = 'E'= 329.63 Hz
Heart Chakra = 'F'= 349.23 Hz
Throat Chakra = 'G' = 392.00 Hz
Third Eye Chakra = 'A' = 440.00 HzCrown Chakra = 'B' = 493.88 Hz