Tuesday, September 20, 2011

alimantados nachthexan

Capable of directing “music through the use of an integrated and hardened MP3 player”, and of accepting “external audio devices, like a CD or MP3 player”, LRADs have been deployed with combat units since the fall of 2003. According to an ATC spokesman, they were used in Iraq in 2004 “to play both high output music and deterrent tones, evidently to great effect as a PsyOps tool, causing the insurgents to react in ways that greatly increased their vulnerability”.
Abel made clear that although the tactic of bombarding the enemy with sound was made at the command level, the choice of music was left to soldiers in the field: “...our guys have been getting really creative in finding sounds they think would make the enemy upset...These guys have their own mini-disc players, with their own music, plus hundreds of downloaded sounds


                     enter sandman  Mendelssohn Shostakovich hells bells

forced to listen to music by Eminem (Slim Shady) and Dr Dre for twenty days before the music was replaced by “horrible ghost laughter and Halloween sounds.

"The main activity of the propaganda detachment was to prepare 20- to
30-minute programmes on a gramophone record, with music, poems, songs
and propaganda.  The programme was then played on a wind-up gramaphone, and

broadcast by the loudspeakers, either mounted on a van, or sometimes pushed
forward on sledges with a wire running back.  Most propaganda
broadcasts of this sort immediately attracted German mortar fire, on the order of
officers afraid that their men light listen.  But during December, the response

became weaker owing to the shortage of munitions.

Different sound tricks were adopted, such as the 'monotonous ticking of
a clock' followed by the claim that one German died every seven second
on the Eastern Front.  The 'crackling sound of the propaganda voice' then
intoned:'Stalingrad, mass grave of Hitler's army!' and the deathly tango dance
music would start up again across the empty frozen steppe.  As an extra sonic

twist, the heart-stopping shriek of a real Katyusha rocket would sometimes
follow from a 'Stalin organ' launcher.