Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cro Magnon - Caledonia - Orgasm

SAL: No really, he was gonna do that. He was going to have a large womb pulsating on stage with
lights in it and whatever. Made out of canvas, painted with veins and whatever, and just have it
pulsating. And they were going to pump white noise through the speakers for like, the first half hour.
His idea was that any federal or narcotics agent that was in the audience would be blown away, and
he’d have to leave the area. So, just insane, you know?

SAL: But he said after like thirty minutes, people watching this thing pulsating up there… We would
come from the corners of the stage with flame throwers, and just explode the womb. And that’s the
baby coming out into the world. And we would have like, banks of tone generators back there, and
different tape recorders, and we would just go into the Cromagnon album.